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Latest News: The BBC have asked Fiona to do more Radio 4 programmes of "A Portrait Of…". We will reveal soon who will be Fiona's portraits in the new series.

At the end of 2014 BBC Radio 4 made a unique programme with Fiona - painting a portrait. The BBC always says the best pictures are on Radio. This was the case on Radio 4 programme about Fiona. It was an enormous hit. Fiona painted the former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion and the BBC eavesdropped on the sittings and recorded not just the sounds of painting and technique but the conversation between two artists - Painter & Poet as they discussed the mix of feelings of what they did.

Fiona has since completed two more portraits for this Radio 4 series - Imtiaz Dharker and Lemn Sissay, which were broadcast on Monday 13th and Monday 20th June 2016.

Listen to the programs....

Newspaper Articles

Fiona has also become a regular star in national newspaper articles especially in The Times and the Daily Telegraph, and arts magazines that feature her work.

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